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Not being really plugged into the DC political scene other than what I hear from the League of Women Voters, NRDC, NHF, Citizens for Health, and yourselves I don’t have a feel for this. Is it really true that the House and Senate are really quite unaware of the danger to the supplement industry and alternative health practioners posed by the Codex list?

I wish you and your dear mate the very greatest success on all your efforts. [I have made a] donation to help you. Please know that I greatly respect and appreciate your mutual fight for our health freedom, and for just plain doing what is right.

If the drug and chemical industry succeed killing the supplement industry, my physical survival is really in question, as without various supplements that I have learned how to use over the last 20 years without a doubt I would not be here to email you today.

I have a saying of my own, “If the FDA approved it, don’t eat it!” The only things they have to approve are those things which are highly questionable and dangerous. There certainly are a lot of very good allopathic drugs, and I use them if there is no other way to heal a condition, which has been twice in the last 20 years.

It looks to me like all the really good advances in preventitive medicine are coming from the supplement industry, fueled by DSHEA, and I want very much to keep it that way.

The real problem is the basic mandate of the FDA to regulate everything that has a possible health benefit. I think the congress needs to change that mandate to cover only patentable prescription medications. Federal Drug Adminstration says it all – congress intent was to have the regulate prescription DRUGS, not natural substances used for thousands of years, or carrots, or brocolli, or apples all of which have unquestionalbe health benefits without any doubt. Under the present system a farmer writing an article saying that carrots have a real health benefit could most certainly have his business shut down by the FDA for making medical claims for his product. The congress never intended that.

The irony of it is that all this power is being exploited simply to protect the profits of the chemical and drug companies. Synthesized vitamins have negative long term effects. I know that because I was going downhill and had to find all truly natural vitamins as opposed to synthesized, and I felt a whole lot better after I did that. Anyone who understands the true complexity of biochemistry knows that you cannot synthesize something that is going to fit properly in the receptor sites in the human body. 60% of human DNA is the same as plants, and we use most of the same enzyme systems, and that is why natural things heal better than synthesized chemicals which are trying to produce some active effect in the body, but just don’t fit in with everything else.

I think in the long run the change in the policy of the drug companies a few years ago to start advertising prescription drugs on TV and other media will eventually turn the population more and more against the drug companies. It looks to me like about 75% of the American public is quite aware of the situation with all the side effects of prescription drugs.

All the cholesterol lowering drugs inhibit conenzyme Q10 and are causing substantial congestive heart failure, and likely also increased strokes and other issues from damaging the liver to decrease cholesterol production which is highly questionable anyway except in cases where the cholesterol really is extreme. Most natural doctors are saying lower cholesterol may be more of a health problem than high cholesterol, and of course research.

Oh well, we who know these things tend to be long winded talking to each other because we have a sympathetic ear for each other….

In one of my contemplations many years ago I was asking why it was that we always have to go to such an extent in all worlds to protect ourselves from personal harm, and at the end of my contemplation an inner voice said the following three things to me which I have always tried to keep in mind…

1) Trust in God, and tie up your camel. (From a story whose moral is that you always have to protect yourself in every situation, rather than just cound on God to take care of you.)

2) The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

3) To gain freedom you must accept responsibility.

4) Welcome to the world of the…masters. (The spiritual masters all know that they always have to protect themselves when working in these worlds where negative aspect prevail.)

It certainly seems to me that your efforts definitely fall under this spiritual charter, and I wish you God Speed in your work.

May the blessings be. Love, Don

Dear Senator Durbin,

I appreciate the recent letter outlining your position on Healthcare issues. One that you neglected to discuss was Senate Bill #1379, which has the intent to restrict ephedrine products, but has the broader potential of limiting access to the current range of nutritional supplements that have been proven to be 99% safe. A much better track record than prescription drugs. Over 100,000 people die each year needlessly from prescription drugs and millions are harmed and create billions of additional dollars spent on healthcare.

DSHEA was passed more than 10 years ago, and the FDA has still not published regulations to manage the GMP process at the manufacturing level. I’m convinced that the FDA has decided that the implementation of International Codex rules under Worldwide harmonization will obsolete the need to provide GMP’s.

I have just returned from Germany and was shocked to learn the restrictive availability of nutritional supplements and their exorbitant prices. Two examples. A bottle of 90 Vitamin E capsules would cost you or I about $57.00 American money. Twenty Bayer aspirin cost me $5.40 cents. Codex rules have been developed in Germany and were approved in Rome on July 4th this year. Through harmonization of trade agreements, Codex rules will become legal in the US, mimicking the restrictive distribution of Nutritional products in Germany ….

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue with you on a personal basis. I have been a pharmacist for 49 years, am retired and have no hidden agenda in my concern about the impact of Codex. My wife survived Late Three Stage Lymphoma six years ago, because I had access to nutritional supplements that will disappear under Codex. I am deeply concerned that Codex will restrict the nutritional freedom and negatively effect the quality of life of all Americans.

Sincerely yours,
Thomas A. Braun RPh.

Agricullture Movement, Inc. I have been aware of Codex for decades due to a pair of Indian chemists. I saw how the pharmaceutical industry attacked Dr. Andrew C. Ivy and his cancer cure Krebiozen. Recently I sent a note to the editor of Chemical & Engineering News asking about Codex. The editor claimed that she knew nothing about Codex and asked to be educated.– HealthFreedomUSA.org visitor (asked for anonymity)

It’s heartening to see that you have started a movement that could very well reach critical mass and become unstoppable. – HealthFreedomUSA.org visitor (asked for anonymity)

I am grateful to you for your excellent website and the opportunity you are giving us to use our freedom to keep our freedom! – HealthFreedomUSA.org visitor (asked for anonymity)

It would not only be wrong but criminal to deny us the right to choose our health freedom whatever that choice is. In addition, I have done a lot of study regarding the use of pharmaceuticals versus natural products and have found that wrong prescriptions and the use of drugs is the fourth largest killer in this country.I have yet to find any evidence that shows any significant deaths due to natural products. I find it very appalling and even criminal that the people that our taxes pay to protect us are not only not doing what is in our best interest, they are bending over backwards for the pharmaceutical companies simply because of money. I feel that this is not only my opinion but the opinion of millions of other Americans.


– Terry Warren

When I first heard about Codex, I was so frighten about what they were doing. I have 4 grandkids and I became very afraid for their future. I felt so helpless and couldn’t understand why our leaders would let this happen. Then I visited your website and there was someone who cared, someone who was fighting for us. You have given me so much hope. – HealthFreedomUSA.org visitor (asked for anonymity)

I feel that pharmaceutical drugs have their place but we need to have the choice to use natural products, also. I don’t like the fact that drug companies are so concerned with taking over the production of supplements in order to make money. – HealthFreedomUSA.org visitor (asked for anonymity)

My name is Jennette Bennet and I have a story that I want to share. I am a firm believer in using natural supplements (NOT synthetics) to maintain good health and for healing purposes. Three occasions come to my mind immediately when I think of my positive experiences with natural products.I used Vitamin C, Echinacea and Zinc to cure a viral sore throat. I could feel the difference in just one hour. I was amazed.

Then, my gout went away in my toe when I began taking Coral Calcium with aloe and MSM included. This occurred 1 day after I consumed Coral Calcium. My gout has never come back but I still consume the natural Coral Calcium formula.

Then, recently, after moving boxes for two days, I had severe back pain. I took a product designed to eliminate inflammation. It worked beautifully! I did not have to see any type doctor, my back got better each day. The wonderful thing about this is there were no negative side effects… just natural healing from natural supplementation.

I do NOT want that freedom lost. That right to choose, taken away from me or from any other American! I have heard of MANY stories similar to mine. We need natural supplements, herbs, vitamins, etc., or our health will deteriorate. With pharmaceuticals, one must take one drug to counter another drug to counter another! Drugs in a time of crisis are wonderful: but then, natural products are needed and imperative to sustain a healthy body, no matter what the age! Our soil is depleted, our air is dirty, our water is unclean, we MUST do everything in our power to keep our immune system strong. We should not have our health freedom taken away. That would be criminal. That is NOT what our forefathers died for.

– Jennette Bennet

“I am a widow of an MD he was an internist/endocrinologist. But he used as few drugs a possible! He knew they were only bandaids and sometimes not even that helpful. My father was an MD, and he used even less drugs because he practiced from 1920-1950. Sems like a long time ago, but both were great counselors. I believe phasrmaceutical companies are definitely on the dark side of the mountain.” – HealthFreedomUSA.org visitor (asked for anonymity)

You may share or publish this little story. For the past 16 years I have had Sjogren’s Syndrome, which is an autoimmune system dysfunction that gives me dry eyes, dry mouth, dry everything. I take cod liver oil capsules, evening primrose capsules and a health food store vitamin with high concentrations of the B vitamins, among others. When I don’t take them, my joints ache more. I’ve also been to a Chinese herbalist, and the year that I took those challenging (tasting) powders, I didn’t get even one cold, which was amazing with my compromised immune system I usually get several. (I need to give her another call and get back to taking them.)America must stand for freedom of choice. I love America, and all the freedoms and diversity that we stand for in this world. We must keep strongly to that path. Thanks for all the work you are doing to keep us on that track!

– Sandy Hussey, LMT

Before I saw the site, I was feeling pretty helpless. So, I’m glad that you are out there fighting for this very important freedom. – HealthFreedomUSA.org visitor (asked for anonymity)


The Natural Solutions Foundation created numerous strong and productive links with activists in India, Thailand, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and elsewhere.

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"DR. RIMA, YOUR EFFORT IN THIS MOVEMENT IS AN INSPIRATION TO US ALL. The more I learn about what is in our food supply, the more critical this awareness becomes. I urge all people, everywhere to stand up and take significant action against systemic annihilation."

Gail H.


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