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Voting With Your Fork: Natural Solutions for Deathly “Phude”

Voting With Your Fork: Natural Solutions for Deathly “Phude”
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Kudos to activists of pen and the mouse! We are a mighty force and must remember to apply that force mightily! Let YOUR voice be heard here: http://tinyurl.com/GMOtruthlabel

Below is a letter written by one of our supporters to a US Congressman who decided to “inform” his constituent that we had nothing to worry about because the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 protects us all [NOT! This was an act we acted against long and hard until the SGW Congress – that is short for “Spineless, Gutless, Worthless” – passed it by unaimous consent at the very last moment of their session, despite all the promises we had to do no such thing!- Dr. Rima].

Not only that, but the Congressman, Amy Klobuchar, of Minnesota, trusts her government so strongly (despite the least shred of evidence that such trust is warrented, by the way, and a lot of powerful evidence to the contrary, that such trust is totally misplaced) that she has introduced a bill called the Food Safety and Rapid Response Act setting up [God help us all] “Food Safety Centers of Excellence”. The problem with “Solendra” type Federal Food “Safety” initiatives is that the failure of the crony corporatist “plants” in the agencies [for example, consider the former Monsanto lawyer who heads FDA “food safety”] will result in not just financial harm to the taxpayers, but actual, physical harm to the food consumers as the real nutrient value of industrialized food continues to be degraded.

Read this outstanding, cogent and powerful letter and then think about what you can do to amplify this powerful response to your own members of Congress.

From: Name Withheld
To: “Senator@klobuchar.senate.gov”
Sent: Thursday, December 6, 2012 1:18 PM
Subject: Re: Responding to your message

Senator Klobuchar,

I’m sorry but I don’t have any faith in the EPA, USDA, or the FDA. For one I know that fluoride was banned as a rat poison due to it being so toxic. Hitler and Stalin used it in the Concentration camps, and the Gulags to keep there prisoners dumb and less ambitous. I don’t believe injecting Fluoride, Formaldihyde, Aluminum, and Mercury into our bodies keeps us healthy.

I’ve been studying GMO’s for 4 years now (since constuction is flatlined). The old saying still stands “You are what you eat.”

What I’ve found is that GMO’s are a game ender. People or anything that eats GMO’s will become sterile and sickly. I’ve talked to a couple beef ranchers that was feeding there livestock GMO corn. This is exactly what they told me.

I’m also familiar with all the people in the USDA & FDA that were in one way or another connected to Monsanto and the Bio- Chemical companies (43 of them in the last 20 years). Conflict of interest? I’ll bet there stocks are making a killing! Talk about entitlements.

I’m also familiar with the fact that Monsanto does the tests for the FDA. They only do testing for 3 months. Why so short? I know why so short. Because if it went 4 months there would be detectable side effects from there GM diets.

I’m also familiar with Dr. Seralini’s 2 year study on NK603. This confirmed everything I’ve suspected. It destroys kidneys, liver, virtually everything in the endocrine systems, and sterility. I suggest some one watches this video I’m sending. That rats prostate gland is as big as a healthy 160 lbs.mans. This is in a rat that weighs about 2 lbs. They also have tumors as big as the rat itself.


I’m also familiar with Californias Prop 37 and all the fraud, misrepresenting, and bald faced lies all the Bio-Chemical companies and there supporters did. By law they should be doing 20 years in prison. Even though these companies are concidered people, I know this will never happen because of our Just-Us system. This is why most people have little or any faith in our Federal government, and taking it to the state level. GM labeling will come up in Minnesota’s next session. I’ve gotten my State Rep. (Ernie Leidiger) and State Sen. (Julianne Ortman) to support manditory labeling. I wont stop with them either. I’m keeping several of our state lawmakers abrest of what I’ve found about GMO foods.

I seen the dirty politics that happened in Vermont and Connecticut last year. I believe that was extortion pulled by Monsanto and crew. The people of the USA know that there voices are ignored and the corporations rule the day. This fact is in plain site for those willing to look. This web site is up to speed on anything to do with GMO’s.


I found it interesting that Russia put a ban on GMO’s a couple weeks after Dr, Seralini and CRIIGEN study came out. Russia is also planning on being totally organic by 2015 I believe it is. There are about 60 nations in the world that have banned or has manditory labeling to date. That list keeps growing.

Dr. Don Huber has been warning us about the dangers of GMO’s for years. He was also a Colonel in the USAF for over 41 years and was Associate Director of the Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center. His credits are a mile long. Here’s an article about him by a friend (Barbara Peterson) who does the online publication called Farm Wars.

I must also admit that I have absolutely no faith in the lame stream media as well. If they do cover something imporant, it’s so slanted if not total BS. This is why I don’t bother with even watching TV any more. Especially since we went digital. i wont waist what little money I have on cable due to it’s nothing but infomercials and brainless movies and shows. I get my news fron chat groups and online publications on the internet. Knowledge is Power.

Thank you
Name Withheld
Waconia Minnesota.

You are equally powerful because you are equipped with the truth.

Click here: http://tinyurl.com/GMOtruthlabel

Send your targeted email to YOUR Congressional representatives telling them the same. Remember to modify it to reflect YOUR concerns so that each letter is NOT identical, giving us far more traction that way.

Thanks for your activism.

How about making a year end donation to the tax deductable Natural Solutions Foundation. We are fighting hard to protect your rights on every front. How about a helping hand?

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Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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